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Asia Investment Outlook 2021

Asien Investments 2021
In our Asia Outlook Special we take a look at Asia Investments in 2021.

2020 was a year like nobody expected. When the first reports of a new type of virus appeared, initial estimates spoke of an impact similar to those of swine flu or SARS. That changed quickly and today we know that the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the deepest global recession in decades.

But where do things go from here? What impact will the virus have on the financial markets next year and especially on Asia Investments 2021?

Emerging Asia Pacific_Mirae Outlook

Headwinds and tailwinds across Emerging Asia Pacific in 2021

Emerging Asia Pacific appears to lead a path to full recovery, says Rahul Chadha, CIO, Mirae Asset Global Investments.
Japanese Equities 2021, Nomura

Japan Equities: Outlook and Opportunities for 2021

Trends expedited by the Covid-19 crisis will persist, brightening the outlook for Japan equities 2021, says Yuichi Murao, Nomura.
Asia Frontier Markets Outlook 2021, Asia Frontier Capital

Asia Frontier Markets: Economic growth full steam ahead

The Asian frontier markets have done exceptionally well in the Covid-19 crisis so far, says Ruchir Desai, co-fund manager of the AFC Asia Frontier Fund, Asia Frontier Capital.
ASEAN Equities Expected To Shine in 2021

Why 2021 will be the year for ASEAN equities

The recession across ASEAN has been sharp, but the rebound next year should be strong, says Robert St. Clair, Strategist at Fullerton Fund Management.
China Anleihen 2021

China bonds 2021: trends and opportunities

Qian Zhang, Senior Client Portfolio Manager at Pictet Asset Management about structural trends and opportunities with China bonds 2021.

Indian Economy – Defining turn for the next decade

Luke Barrs, Head of Fundamental Equity Client Portfolio Management EMEA at GSAM, sharing his Indian economy outlook and investment opportunities for 2021.
Digital Transformation Japan - Platinum

It is time to reassess Japan

Japan's digital transformation is gaining momentum with the takeover of Suga as Prime Minister, says Scott Gilchrist, Portfolio Manager, Platinum Asset Management.
Guan Yi Low, Eastspring, on Asian Bonds 2021

Asian Bonds 2021: a compelling value proposition

Guan Yi Low, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income Eastspring Investments, believes that Asian bonds offer investors a compelling value proposition now and in 2021.
China Equities 2021 - Outlook Matthews

China equities 2021: Why global investors may need more exposure

Why it might make sense to increase the China allocation: Robert Horrocks, CIO, Matthews Asia, on the outlook for China equities 2021.