Long-term investing in Vietnam

The case for long-term investing in Vietnam

Vietnam is among the top emerging economies of Southeast Asia. We are looking at the economy and why it is interesting for long-term investors.
China small cap stocks provide immense growth opportunity at a great value

China small caps opportunity: Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund

China’s SMEs represent over 90% of the companies in the country and contribute over 60% to the GDP. Matthews Asia manages a mutual fund that gives the opportunity to be part of China's real growth.
Indian equity market outlook 2022

Indian equity market to keep aiming forward this year 

Three investment experts share their views on India. What is driving India’s Equity market and what is the outlook for 2022?
Two investment experts share their views.

China: year of the caged or roaring tiger?

After market volatility in 2021, what comes next for China in the ‘Year of the Tiger'? Two investment experts share their views.
ASEAN Equity - worth a look in 2022

ASEAN Equity – worth a look in 2022?

The outlook for the ASEAN countries seems rosy. With improved economic prospects for 2022, investment experts also paint a positive picture.
India traffice scene

India’s mid-caps benefit from raging bull market

Investors looking to leverage India’s long-term economic trajectory can focus on mid-cap concentrated funds, that holds some of the fastest-growing companies in India. One such fund is the Kotak India Midcap Fund.
China Panda Bonds

China’s panda bond market: too trending to ignore

The rapid growth in China's panda bond market in recent years has attracted significant attention from investors.

Fund craze in Japan’s enhanced ESG market: selected equity funds

Among nations across Asia, Japan has been well ahead on the road towards decarbon­ization, net-zero carbon emissions as well as in establishing a green strategy. This has made Japan a fertile ground for ESG practices.
China Healthcare Funds

Investing in China’s healthcare boom: Selected funds

Over the past few years, the Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has registered tremendous growth, providing new investment opportunities with more China Healthcare-themed funds entering the market.

Seizing the opportunities of 5G development in Asia

The acceleration of 5G in Asia opens up attractive investment opportunities. We are looking at one way to capture the growth opportunities - the Neuberger Berman InnovAsia 5G Fund.
NB China Bond: Return to normalcy

China’s Bond Market: Risks and opportunities amid Evergrande crisis

Rob Drijkoningen from Neuberger Berman discusses the recent trends and investment opportunities in China’s bond market, while the Evergrande’s debt crisis rattles the market.

Indian market rises amid China’s tumble

India's long-term growth trend has made its domestic equity market an attractive investment destination for global investors.
Japan ESG ETFs on the rise

Japan ESG ETFs on the rise

With ESG being a dominant theme and Japan steadily moving towards sustainable goals, an increasing number of Japan ESG ETFs and mutual funds are entering the global stage.

Top Chinese companies register fall in market-value

China's top companies like Alibaba and Tencent are facing extended losses in market value with authorities stepping up oversight in the past few months.
China's healthcare industrialization - promising or do reforms give case for worry

China’s healthcare reforms – promising or case for worry?

Amid rising demand for healthcare services, the Chinese healthcare industry is undergoing significant reforms, presenting exciting investment opportunities.

China REITs bring greater depth to China’s capital markets

China’s newest asset class - C-REITs - offers investors an exciting opportunity and brings a greater depth to China’s capital markets.

Asian bonds: Just an opportunistic play in volatile times?  

The ongoing lower-for-longer rates environment has given investors even greater potential to fixed income portfolios such as Asian bonds. 

Charting China’s ESG integration journey

Over the years, policymakers have pushed ahead with capital market reforms to turn China into Asia's ESG hub.
Gaining Chinese tech exposure through ETFs

Gaining Chinese tech exposure through ETFs 

Thematic ETFs pertaining to China’s tech sector have become an easy way for investors to get exposure to an ever-growing market. We are looking at three new ETFs in that space.

Sustainable investing in Asia: Selected ESG funds

There is a growing awareness of climate change-related issues across Asia-Pacific, leading to record flows in ESG Funds. Time to look at some sustainable funds.

China A: Going mainstream, going strong

China’s onshore market has opened up and liberalised considerably in recent years. Consequently, China A shares are going mainstream, says Nicolas Yeo, Head of Equities, Aberdeen Standard Investments.
China A-shares ETF

Getting China A-shares exposure through an ETF

Onshore Chinese equities, A-shares, represent a significant portfolio opportunity for foreign investors. In this article, we review three prominent China-focused ETFs and their distinct exposure profiles.
Investing in India, Mirae

Investing in Indian Equities: Mirae Asset India Sector Leader Equity Fund

Indian equities present an attractive long-term investment opportunity. We look at one way to gain exposure to the market, the Mirae Asset India Sector Leader Equity Fund.
Should you consider dim sum bonds for your portfolio

Dim Sum Bonds: China’s Offshore Fixed Income Market

Just like Chinese equities, Chinese offshore bonds are an underappreciated investment opportunity. Known as dim sum bonds, they offer exposure to the Chinese economy and its currency.
MSCI China

MSCI China and other indices for China equity exposure

Foreign investors today have much better access to the Chinese stock market. MSCI China indices are used by many funds for Chinese shares. We have taken a look at funds, ETF and index alternatives.
Asian bond funds: picking the right exposure

Asian bond funds: picking the right exposure

Asian bonds represent an underrated investment opportunity. However, choosing the right type of exposure, from corporate to local currency bonds, is often a challenge. Here, we profile three Asian bond funds that offer distinct ways of allocating to the market.
Shanghai_China dominates Asian bond market

Asian bond market: time for a dedicated portfolio allocation?

After nearly two decades of structural reforms, Asian fixed income markets are open, liquid and attractive to foreign investors. With strong fundamentals and reasonable valuations, the case could be made for a dedicated portfolio allocation to Asian bonds.

Australian equities: the future is bright down under

Australian economy has escaped a recession for 28 years. Despite this run coming to an end, The Lucky Country is well positioned for the future. Heavily exposed to value stocks, its share market should benefit from the recent fiscal stimulus.
Ning Meng - Neuberger Berman

Why the time is opportune for China A-Shares

China is recovering rapidly from the Covid 19 pandemic. But there are other factors that support China A shares. Interview with Ning Meng of Neuberger Berman.
Is the time right for Japan equity funds?

Is the time right for Japan equity funds?

After Warren Buffett’s $6.5 billion investment, the bullish case for Japanese equities is getting more attention. A comparison of two Japanese equity funds with experienced teams and stellar track records.