What’s fuelling the food crisis in Asia?

Asia food prices are skyrocketing as a side effect of Russia's invasion of Ukraine which has exacerbated inflationary pressures in the region
Across Asia, food inflation is on the rise whereas wages are declining. Will there be 'social unrest' or will the region pull itself out of trouble?

Australia’s new PM vows to make country renewables superpower

Anthony Albanese, wants to turn Australia into a renewable energy ‘superpower’.
“Together we can end the climate wars,” Australia's new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.

US-led Asian economic bloc launches with 13 countries

The US wants to regain its economic foothold in Asia while countering China after Trump had pulled out of a key trade agreement in the region.

Indian energy firms rake in profits from high oil prices

Indian energy firms rake in profits from high oil prices
High oil prices in the global market are benefitting upstream and downstream companies in India, even as there is ample room for demand growth.

China interest rate cut expected to revive property sector

China interest rate cut expected to revive property sector
Asian markets reacted positively to the China central bank decision after the PBOC lowered the five-year Loan Prime Rate by 15 basis points to 4.45%.

Does a weak yen bode well for investors?

A weak yen may spell trouble for the Japanese economy but Japan wants to pursue monetary easing policy to favor growth.  (Source: Shutterstock.com)
The Japanese yen is tumbling and the central bank seems unconcerned. Can a weak yen bring back growth in the economy as inflation rises?

Thailand sees robust growth in Q1, but outlook is bleak

Thailand GDP received a boost in the first quarter due to back of rising exports and easing Covid-19 restrictions
Thailand's economic authority cut the 2022 growth forecast despite a better than expected first quarter, as the Ukraine war and rising inflation weigh on the economy.

Is it time to re-enter Asian equities?

Asian stocks have seen massive outflows of foreign capital in the first four months of 2022
Consolidation in Asian markets has now made equities attractive, but do these stocks have what it takes to attract the interest of foreign investors?

Where is China headed with high inflation and lockdowns?

Shanghai, China, in city-wide lockdown
The lockdowns in China are weighing on the economy. Economists are concerned about what could happen if the lockdowns spread to other cities and do not end soon.

Southeast Asia’s tourism gears up to boost economy

Southeast Asia’s tourism gears up to boost economy
Southeast Asia is opening up for international tourism again. While the arrivals are still low compared to pre-pandemic times, numbers are on the upswing.

Virus outbreaks and higher commodity prices push China’s inflation

Inflation in China is picking up significantly
Inflation in China is picking up significantly, but experts expect this to only be temporary.

Asian Tigers – roaring in the global semiconductor chain

Contribution of Asian tigers to global semiconductor supply
We are looking at the four Asian Tigers and the value they add to the global semiconductor supply chain.

What’s next for the Philippines after the election?

Son of former dictator wins election in Philippines
Dictator's son Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has won the presidential election in the Philippines. Analysts criticise him for not having a clear concept to further stimulate the economy.

Trouble is brewing for Asian equity markets

Asian equity markets have come under pressure due to the Russia-Ukraine war, a lingering threat of high inflation and hawkish central banks.
The Ukraine-Russia war, rising inflation and lockdowns in China are weighing on Asian equities. Can they still give better returns compared to the rest of the world?

Asia’s gaming sector gets a push from flurry of deals

Asia gaming market is teeming with opportunities for mobile, social, cloud and eSports video game stakeholders.
Asia's gaming market present a $70 bn opportunity, and several entertainment companies are now picking up stakes in game developers.

Rising tech exports boost Taiwan’s growth

Rising tech exports boost Taiwan's growth
Taiwan’s exports have been a pillar for its quarterly GDP growth and the country continues to see an international demand for tech products.

Japan’s Rakuten sees e-commerce – telecom synergy to aid earnings

Founded in 1997, Rakuten currently offers over 70 different services to its 1.6 billion members around the world.
How is Rakuten converging its e-commerce and telecommunications business to drive overall growth, even as it continues to report losses? 

Can China surpass the US in the semiconductor race?

China's semiconductor sector produced 33.3% more chips in 2021, but that might not be enough to become independent of foreign imports.
China is ramping up investments in semiconductor manufacturing but is years away from producing high-end chips. What are the catalysts that will drive chip development in the country?

Can Indonesia’s nickel ban help it become a global EV hub? 

Indonesia wants to attract foreign investment in lithium battery and EV manufacturing
Indonesia's nickel export ban caused it to miss out on hefty profits during recent highs on the LME. Will the policy help the country to develop an EV supply chain?

Asia may take a large slice of the $8 trillion metaverse...

Metaverse could be an $800 bn market by 2024 with dominion of online game makers and gaming hardware.
Global businesses are investing in the metaverse to explore the new market opportunity, but does Asia hold the key to real innovation?

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