Japan to set up tech fund for economic security

Japan Tech fund
The Japanese government is planning to set up a tech fund to support research and development in artificial intelligence and quantum technology, biotechnology and robotics.

Inflation and monetary policy in Asia and the Pacific

Asia Inflation
Inflation worries in Asia have led some central banks to hike interest rates. Meanwhile, policymakers out of Asian emerging economies are still sticking to an accommodatory policy stance.

China’s ambition to lead the global 6G technology race

China's 6G race
China has been working to secure its lead in the next-generation technology, 6G.  

Green bond market gains momentum across Asia-Pacific

Asia green
The Asia Pacific region is gaining traction in ESG bond issuance, demonstrating a growing commitment to green finance.

What’s driving the EV growth in Asia 

EV industry in Asia
Asia’s EV industry is projected to grow rapidly as nations try to achieve their climate goals.

China’s power shortage spurs new wave of supply chain worries

China's energy crisis
China's energy crisis spurs new supply chain troubles for its massive manufacturing base.

Blanket Ban: No more crypto for China

 Closing off loopholes previously left in regulatory crackdowns of the crypto sector, China has banned all cryptocurrency transactions, in terms of trading and mining.

Malaysia’s role to address global chip shortage

Malaysia chip industry
The role of the semiconductor industry of Malaysia in the global supply chain has been highlighted in recent months due to the ongoing chip shortage worldwide caused by the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on production.

Fumio Kishida becomes Japan’s 100th prime minister

Japan PM
Fumio Kishida, Japan’s former foreign minister and the new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, is Japan's 100th prime minister. 

India’s IPOs continue to steal the limelight  

India IPOs
Market experts are anticipating India's IPO boom to extend over the next 2-3 years, given the rapid pace of listing announcements year-to-date.

Indian market rises amid China’s tumble

India's long-term growth trend has made its domestic equity market an attractive investment destination for global investors.

China Evergrande: Uncertainty continues as debt deadline passes

Defaults troubles of China's Evergrande have now caught investors' attention, with many fearing that the company is already running insolvent.

China’s Tencent, other tech giants vow to unblock rivals’ links

Tencent and other Chinese tech giants vow to follow Beijing’s order of dismantling walls around online platforms and make the necessary changes in phases. 

Taiwan submits bid to join CPTPP trade pact, days after China

Taiwan CPTPP
Taiwan's formally submits its application to join the CPTPP trade bloc, which is widely expected to rile with China.

ASEAN outlook: Riding out the pandemic

DBS economists Radhika Rao and Han Teng Chua assess the economic outlook for the ASEAN region.

Economic growth in Asia much slower than expected: ADB

Asia economic outlook
Asia's economic growth in 2021 is much slower than expected due to the virus spread, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

US and China tensions weigh on bilateral investment

US- China investment
Tensions between the world's two largest economies wiped out 96% off of bilateral tech investment, Bain and Co. found.

China moves to join CPTPP trade agreement

China has submitted application for joining the CPTPP trade pact, in its latest effort to expand economic influence on global trade.
China files for inclusion in the CPTPP trade agreement, in its move to put global trade cooperation back on track and yield economic benefits from regional influence.

With or without you – ‘ExChina’ in vogue?

BlackRock's decision to treat China as a standalone investment outside emerging and developed market indices begs a question of just how "exChina" investments perform.

How China Evergrande’s debt troubles pose a systemic risk

China Evergrande
Chinese regulators and financial markets signal worry that default risks raised by China Evergrande Group could ripple through nation's banking system and potentially trigger wider social unrest.

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