China digital currency: leading the way

China digital currency - leading the way
Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are gaining traction around the world amid Covid-19 and digitisation of money. China is leading the way, as its digital yuan is likely to be the first fully functioning CBDC.

Alibaba and Ant Group – Jack Ma’s empire in crisis

Alibaba and Ant Group founder Jack Ma
China halted the IPO of Ant Group and launched an anti-monopoly probe into Alibaba. What is behind all this and where is Jack Ma?

The Rising Power of the Asian Consumer

Why All Eyes Are on the Asian Consumer
The global economy is being driven by Asia - not least by a growing consumer-driven population. What investment strategies are there to participate in Asia's consumer story?

The long road to India’s economic recovery

Long road to India's recovery
India’s recovery from the pandemic’s economic damage remains slow. What made analysts brighten their outlook for the fifth largest economy in the world?

What is driving Taiwan’s export boom?

Taiwan export boom
Taiwan exports surge amidst pandemic lockdowns and global economic slowdown. What’s behind the growth and can it be sustained in a post-Covid world?

What the RCEP agreement means for the future of Asia

What the RCEP agreement means for the future of Asia
With the RCEP agreement, Asia Pacific nations expect long-term economic opportunities while China pursues its economic strategy of "dual circulation".

How realistic is Japan carbon neutral by 2050?

Will Japan be carbon neutral until 2050?
Japan wants to be carbon neutral in the next 30 years. But what are the costs and how will it succeed given the country’s reliance on coal energy?

Asian airlines adapt to coronavirus pandemic

Singapore airport, less Asian airlines landing due to coronavirus
Airlines are unable to cut costs deep enough to save jobs, says IATA. Asian airlines fight with mergers, restructuring and capital raising.

Japanese retailers expect record profits in 2021

Store of Japanese retailer Uniqlo in Osaka
While Japanese retailers Uniqlo and Muji have reasons to be optimistic about their earnings in 2021, they found a big rival in Chinese store Miniso.

Singles’ Day in China – yet another new record

Singles' Day China 2020 - Record breaking
Yet another record sale for Alibaba Group: Is this year's Singles' Day an indicator of the confidence of Chinese consumers in the economic upturn?

China Healthcare market: a bright future?

China Healthcare market - a bright future?
China's healthcare market continues to expand rapidly, driven by an aging population and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why investors should be aware of Foxconn rival Luxshare

iPhone assembler rivalry - Foxconn vs. Luxshare
iPhone assembler Foxconn is been challenged by Chinese electronics manufacturer Luxshare. How big is its dominance?

Wave of health technology IPOs in Asia

Wave of health technology IPOs in Asia
The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a wave of health technology IPOs in Asia and brought China’s healthcare market to the spotlight.

Japan’s efforts to diversify supply chains

Japan wants to diversify supply chains
Newly elected Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, announced major subsidies to encourage domestic firms to increase manufacturing in Japan or in ASEAN nations, in a move bound to reduce reliance on China.

Top 10 Asia unicorns disrupting markets at high speed

Asia Unicorns - Bytedance leading the list, also globally
The number of Asian Unicorn start-ups has climbed to 171, out of 490 worldwide. Besides established names like Grab or Bytedance, there are new names in the top 10.

Sea Group – bright star in South East Asia’s tech sky

Sea Group, office lobby
Sea Group, the most valuable listed company in Southeast Asia, taps new markets with an aggressive strategy for its e-commerce, gaming, and digital payment services.

Ant Group – the largest IPO ever?

Ant Group, until recently Ant Financial (Source:
The Ant Group IPO is expected this October, with public listings in Hong Kong and Shanghai and experts predicting the company will raise at least $35 billion.

Notebook PC manufacturing to shift to SE Asia by 2030

PC Manufacturing to Shift from China to SE Asia by 2030
China’s current laptop market manufacturing share could fall from 90% to just 40% by 2030. Southeast Asia could take over as largest producer.

Covid-19 pandemic driving Asia’s e-commerce business

Asian e-commerce companies like resilient amid crisis
For online retailing goliaths like Alibaba and, enforced lockdowns have been a boon to their e-commerce businesses.

Greenhouse farming – the future for Asia?

Greenhouse farming - the future for Asia?
As Asian countries grapple with the fear of the pandemic that caused lockdowns, panic buying, and food supply disruptions, long-established measures like greenhouse farming are increasingly in focus to safeguard food supply.

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