China Star Market – strong despite coronavirus crisis

China STAR Market – roaring despite coronavirus
China’s new tech-centric Star Market has raised more money in recent months than the country’s other more dominant bourses.

Are China companies fleeing from the American stock exchanges?

China firms returning to Hong Kong Stock Exchange_leungchopan
New regulation in the United States coupled with greater deregulation of the Hong Kong exchange is persuading more Chinese firms to re-list on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.

Update: Hong Kong security law

As Beijing plans to impose a tough security law over autonomous Hong Kong, concerns are rising that this could spark the fall of a financial center and the rise of superpower rivalry.
China's National People's Congress has given its green light to the new Hong Kong Security Law. Criticism rains down internationally.

Hong Kong security law – the end for the financial center?

As Beijing plans to impose a tough security law over autonomous Hong Kong, concerns are rising that this could spark the fall of a financial center and the rise of superpower rivalry.
As Beijing plans to impose a tough security law over autonomous Hong Kong, concerns are rising that this could spark the fall of a financial center and the rise of superpower rivalry.

Recent sanctions by the USA against Huawei – could they backfire?

After the US escalated its tensions with Chinese tech giant Huawei last week, the global telecoms sector is waiting to see the full financial impact.

Tencent shares hit two-year high

Tencent shares are assurgent
Shares in the Chinese tech giant Tencent have climbed to a two-year high thanks to a surge in online game sales during coronavirus shutdown, but the future may be more complicated.

Nintendo shares buoyant – thanks to Coronavirus

Nintendo share buoyant (Source: Wachiwit/
With profits up almost 40 percent in this fiscal year, Japanese tech giant Nintendo is going from strength-to-strength thanks to social distancing and “Animal Crossing”.

How long can India’s economy keep the coronavirus lockdown?

On paper, India is doing a reasonably good job at containing the coronavirus crisis. But are the statistics true, and for how long can the India coronavirus lockdown remain?

Dividend cuts Asia – A mixed bag for investors

Asia Dividend cuts
Asia’s top firms are expected to have to make dividend cuts or even suspensions this year because of the coronavirus-caused economic crisis, but they could be paying out more than Western firms.

Japan stimulus package garners mixed response

Japan stimulus package garners mixed response
After Japan this week announced the country’s largest-ever stimulus package to manage the economic disaster caused by the coronavirus pandemic, analysts have called it “puffed up” and ill-thought out.

Japan Olympics postponed – what does that mean for the economy?

New national stadium for Japan Olympics in Tokyo 2020
Postponement of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games because of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cost Japanese organizers around $6 billion. It’s a cost that the slumping Japanese economy could have done without.

Rate cuts prescription of central banks as coronavirus rips Asian markets

Will interest rate cuts by Asian central banks soon reach near-zero?
As the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause the world to fall into recession this year, Asian central banks are in a rush to cut interest rates to spur borrowing and investment.

Asia coronavirus responses by hook or by crook

Asia coronavirus: Reactions differ
From online databases of suspected infections to drive-thru testing, Asian authorities have pioneered innovative ways of containing the COVID-19 outbreak. But regional responses vary greatly.

India growth hangs in balance

India growth: Where is India heading?
As sectarian violence and political turmoil engulfs India, its slumping economy, which hit a six-year low at the end of 2019, could face yet another year of disappointment and malaise.

Winners and losers of Hong Kong stimulus budget

Hongkong Konjunkturpaket
After its economy contracted by 1.2% last year, Hong Kong hopes to turn the situation around through a stimulus package that includes a $1,200 cash handout to each permanent resident.

Thailand: Will the Coronavirus weaken the economy further?

Coronavirus in Thailand with consequences for tourism
Thailand is suffering heavily from the consequences of the coronavirus, as it is dependent on tourism - a decrease in Chinese tourism is already causing losses.

Japan Coronavirus: Companies downgrade earnings forecast

Japan coronavirus. People wearing face masks.
In Japan fears grow that the coronavirus outbreak will push the economy into a recession. Dozens of companies downgrade their earnings forecasts.

Japan: Vegan Food’s Growing Popularity Spurs Industry Innovation

Japan: Vegan Food’s Growing Popularity Spurs Industry Innovation
In Japan, vegan food is becoming more popular. With massive growth forecast in the vegan food market globally, Japanese companies are now looking to vegan products.

Jollibee Foods Corporation: Offshore Capital Issuance over-subscribed

Jollibee Foods Corporation successful in London
The Jollibee Foods Corporation is not only successful in the Philippines. Since its IPO in 1993, the company has also expanded strongly overseas.

Japanese Restaurants Gain Popularity Across Asia and Beyond

Japanese restaurants are gaining popularity
From ramen and sushi to traditional washoku, Asia’s rising middle class is contributing to a fast-growing number of Japanese restaurants across Asia.

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