Sony Headquarter in Tokyo: Sony shares in check

Three questions for the Japan Equity Team of Nikko Asset Management

Sony is the third largest Japanese electronics company after Hitachi and Panasonic. The Japan Equity Team of Nikko AM explain what speaks for the company.
Archibald Ciganer, Portfolio Manager of Japanese Equity Strategy at T. Rowe Price, about the importance of ESG in Japanese investments.

ESG in Japan investments: “Passive strategies are not enough”

ESG criteria have long been one of the top issues in the investment industry. This trend has also taken hold in Japan. Archibald Ciganer from T. Rowe Price in a guest article.

The US can’t isolate China

How will the trade conflict between the US and China affect the financial markets in 2020? Robert Horrocks, CIO of US Asia specialist Matthews Asia, in an interview with
Asian bond markets: Indonesia on the rise

Emerging opportunities in the Asian bond market

The Asian bond market has grown to become one of the largest bond markets in the world and therefore present immense investment opportunities. An interview with Neal Capecci, Manulife Investment Management.
Investment Opportunities in China, boomtown Shanghai

Investment opportunities in China

China presents some compelling investment opportunities, especially in the onshore A-Share equity market. An interview with Ben Morris, Aberdeen Standard Investments.
Asian Bonds - a very compelling risk-reward profile

Asian Bonds – “a very compelling risk-reward profile”

Prashant Singh, Senior Portfolio Manager in Emerging Markets Debt at Neuberger Berman, shares his views on the Asian bond markets.
China QFII quota drop - what does it mean for investors

China QFII quota drop: “No significant immediate impact”

China is further opening up the financial market. But what does the China QFII quota drop mean for foreign investors? Jing Ning, Fidelity International, in interview.
U.S.-China trade dispute - deal by the end of 2019?

U.S.-China trade dispute: “There will be a deal by the end of 2019”

Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman believes, even if there is no near-term trade deal between the U.S. and China, this should not jeopardize the liberalization of Chinese financial markets.
China growth -

Demographic challenges opening up investment opportunities in China

For investors in China, the impact of trade conflict, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as well as demographic issues are of concern. May Ling Wee, Janus Henderson, gives answers.
Shibuya in Tokyo - symbol of Japanese economic dynamism

Japanese economy: current challenges and opportunities

The Japanese economy is facing a number of challenges. We talked to Mitsuhiro Yuasa, fund manager at E.I. Sturdza, about promising industries in Japan and the outlook for the Japanese economy.
Asian asset managers in Europe - finding their way.

Asian Asset Managers in Europe

Asian asset managers are still underrepresented in Europe and only a small number have been successful in developing their brand in the region. An interview with Timothy Walkley, Managing Director Asia Markets at FundRock.
Frontier markets: Sri Lanka is much more developed than India by most economic metrics.

“Frontier markets present untapped potential”

Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Robert Harvey discusses his current views on investing in frontier markets and the "untapped potential" investors should consider.
China debt guest commentary by Paul Smillie, Senior Investment Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments

“Time is running out to solve China’s debt bubble”

Investors should not underestimate China's debt problem, says Paul Smillie, Senior Investment Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
Hugh Young, Aberdeen Standard Investments, about Asian economies growth

Asian economies on the rise – growth that investors should not miss

Asian economies are the engine of the global economy. In our guest commentary Hugh Young from Aberdeen Standard Investments explains why investors should look to Asia for growth.
"Vietnam – the main beneficiary of U.S. and China trade war

“Vietnam – the main beneficiary of U.S. and China trade war”

Vietnam is one of the main beneficiaries of the U.S.-China trade war, says Thomas Hugger, the CEO and Founder of Asia Frontier Capital Ltd. in our interview.
Harsha Upadhya, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management

India election: “Market has viewed Modi’s re-election positively”

Narendra Modi winning India election implies a strong and stable political set-up and continuation of policy initiatives aiding economic growth, says Harsha Upadhyaya, CIO Equity at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management.
Impact of US-China trade conflict on tech stocks

What does the trade conflict mean for tech stocks?

With increasing tensions over trade between the US and China, the market has slipped back into ‘risk off’ mode. A guest commentary by Hyun Ho Sohn, technology fund manager at Fidelity International.
Bill Maldonado, HSBC, about Chinese economy

“Trade conflict not slowing down Chinese economy”

Looking at the chinese economy, pessimism prevailed most recently. We spoke with Bill Maldonado, head investment strategist at HSBC Global Asset Management, who says that the trade conflict with the U.S. is not contributing to China's economy slow-down.
Asia Dividend strategies_Yu-Zhang_Matthews_Asia

“Dividend strategies, an underrecognized component of investing in Asia”

Dividend strategies can help investors take advantage of Asia's long-term growth potential. Yu Zhang, Portfolio Manager at Matthews Asia, talks about the potential and outlook of the Asian market.

The rise of China’s bond market

China bonds will become an important component of global bond portfolios. A guest commentary by Eastspring Investments on why investors can no longer ignore the higher yields and lower correlations offered by the world’s third largest bond market.