Asia’s Real Estate back to normalcy?

David Fassbender, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Southeast Asia, PGIM Real Estate, talks about the major upcoming structural changes in Asia's real estate sector.

China’s state-owned enterprises – a cause for concern?

Not every defaulting state-owned enterprise will be able to rely on Beijing's support in the future, writes Sheldon Chan, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price, in his guest commentary.
China inflation

China’s battle against imported inflation

In this guest commentary, Fabrice Jacob, CEO, JK Capital Management, evaluates how Chinese policymakers have been trying to tame inflation and protect their factories from rising costs.

China – all back to normal?

The investment opportunities in China are manifold and investors should not fixate on only one industry, says Andrew Mattock, Portfolio Manager at Matthews Asia.
Fidelity ESG interview, Flora Wangvideo

Asia: Top investment target to create impact

Asia should be the target for investors to create impact, says Flora Wang, Director Sustainable Investing at Fidelity International, in our latest video interview.
Asia small caps interview, Gabriel Sacks, Aberdeenvideo

Exploiting Asia’s small cap potential

Gabriel Sacks, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments about the advantages of small-cap asset allocation in Asia.

Is the time right for Japan Value stocks?

Japan's economy has emerged quite well in recent years. We talked to Dean Cashman, Head of Japanese Equities at Eastspring Investments, about recent developments and investment opportunities.
Structural reforms India, interview LOIMvideo

India: Structural reforms give hope

Even if India is still battling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, structural reforms give hope for a soon recovery, says Nivedita Sunil, Lombard Odier Investment Managers.
China bonds_pictetvideo

Is the time right for China bonds?

Chinese bonds are seeing strong investor interest at the moment. Has Covid-19 changed the Chinese fixed income market? Qian Zhang, Pictet Asset Management, in our latest video interview.
Asia ESG_Liam Spillane, Avivavideo

What is driving demand for ESG strategies in Asia?

Has Covid-19 influenced a shift in thinking towards more sustainable investments in Asia? We asked Liam Spillane, Head of EMD, Aviva Investors.
Fidelity, Asia Pacific Opportunities

Where to find current investment opportunities in Asia-Pacific?

Asia Pacific is on the forefront of recovery providing broad investment opportunities. We spoke to Anthony Srom, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity International, about the most promising sectors and titles.
China Bond ETF interview, GSAMvideo

Why invest in China through a China Bond ETF?

China Bond ETF - why choose a passive strategy to access China's bond market? Jürgen Blumberg, Head of ETF Product & Capital Markets, GSAM, sharing his insights.
China equity market likely to outperform in 2021

China equity market likely to outperform in 2021

Besides the consumer sector, what sectors are the most recommended trades for 2021? Read it in the guest commentary by China Post Global.
China bond defaults, interview Insight Investmentvideo

Will China bond defaults rise?

Will investors have to learn to live with China bond defaults? Sabrina Jacobs, Fixed Income Investment Specialist at Insight Investment, sharing her views.
China Small caps, Matthews Asia interviewvideo

China Small Caps – crucial for China’s Economy

Given the big role China Small Caps play in China's economy, they should play a bigger role in portfolios, says Winnie Chwang, Matthews Asia, in our recent video interview.
Finding long-term investment opportunities in China

Finding long-term investment opportunities in China

There are some important shifts in China investors should take note of. In our interview Michelle Qi, Eastspring Investment's Head of Equities, China, about opportunities of China's "dual circulation" model.
China bond market interview, Neuberger Bermanvideo

China Bond market: too big to ignore

With limited volatility and yield advantage - is it the right time to invest in China bonds? We talked to Rob Drijkoningen, Co-Head of Emerging Markets Debt at Neuberger Berman.
Japanischer Aktienmarkt_T.Rowe Price

Four reasons for Japan equities in 2021

Archibald Ciganer, Portfoliomanager, Japan Equity Strategy, T. Rowe Price, says the outlook for Japan equities appears Suga sweet.
China Outlook_Schroders

Could the Year of the Ox be a “bullish” omen?

The Ox is thought to be a symbol of reliability, strength, patience and caution - but also harvesting, fertility and prosperity. Is it a "bullish" omen for China equities? Schroders' Stephen Kam is optimistic.
China Corporate Governance_Ninety One

China Corporate Governance: How to avoid pitfalls?

As corporate governance in China improves and the markets are opening up - how to capture the opportunities and avoid pitfalls? An interview with Nidhi Mahurkar, Investment Director at Ninety One.
Asia ESG_ photovoltaics

ESG in Asia: “Well established, but still catching up to do”

Asia plays a dominant role in the global economy, but is often seen as lagging behind in ESG factors. But attitudes are changing. We talked to Joep Huntjens, Head of Asian Fixed Income, NN Investment Partners.
Comgest: China - "stark wie ein Ochse"

China – “Strong as an ox”

As the Year of the Ox begins, China is already showing the strength of one again. A market insight by Baijing Yu, analyst and portfolio manager at Comgest.
Angebotskrise bei asiatischen Anleihen

Covid-19 deepens crisis in supply of Asian bonds

Is the sell-off short-lived and offers buying opportunities for long-term investors? A market commentary by Dhiraj Bajaj, Head of Asia Fixed Income at Lombard Odier Investment Managers.
Asia Consumption - interview Miraevideo

Asia Consumption Growth − Untapped Potential

Asia consumption growth is an important long-term investment opportunity, says Joohee An, Senior Portfolio Manager, Mirae Asset Global Investments.
Gerwin Bell, PGIM, interview China debt problem 2020video

China debt problem: rising levels likely

The economic upswing in China has revived patterns, such as rising foreign trade surpluses and rising domestic debt. We talked to Gerwin Bell from PGIM about the Chinese strategy and the effect on China's fixed income market.
Emerging Asia interview with Federated Hermes, Kunjal Gala

How will the US election impact Emerging Asia?

What does the election of Joe Biden as US President mean for Emerging Asia and Asian stock markets? An interview with Kunjal Gala, Lead Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets, at Federated Hermes.
Interview Mitsuhiro Yuasa, investing in Japanese Stocksvideo

Japan’s new digital agenda and the impact on Japanese equities

Mitsuhiro Yuasa, Portfolio Manager, Eric Sturdza Investments, about Japan's new digital agenda and the impact on Japanese stocks.
China Digital Yuan interviewvideo

China’s plan for the digital Yuan

While Western countries are still taking their time to introduce digital currencies, four major cities in China are already testing the digital.
Nomura ESG investment interviewvideo

ESG investment in Asia is taking off

In Asia, ESG investing appears to grow slower than in other regions. But it is taking off now, says Toshiyuki Imamura, Head of Responsible Investment at Nomura Asset Management.
AFM_Value Investing Asian Equities_Fidelity_Gary_Monaghanvideo

Active stock picking in Asia

Fidelity International's Asian equity specialist, Gary Monaghan, on current investment opportunities in Asia and promising stocks.