Matthews Asia is the largest dedicated Asia investment specialist in the United States with US$29.9 billion in assets under management (as of June 30, 2019). Since its founding in 1991, Matthews Asia has concentrated its efforts and expertise on Asia. Matthews Asia applies a high conviction, bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance. Outside the U.S., Matthew Asia offers twelve UCITS funds through a Luxembourg SICAV.


Gegründet (Jahr) 1991
Firmenzentrale In USA
Gesellschafter privat, also employees
CEO William J. Hackett
CIO Robert J. Horrocks, PhD
Standort(e) des Portfoliomanagements USA
Standorte, Niederlassungen in Hong Kong, London
Fondsvolumen gesamt US$29.9 billion (as of June 30, 2019)
Fondsmanager Kategorie Investment boutique


Similarities across all strategies:
Fundamental research, bottom-up, benchmark agnostic (high active share), long-term (low turn-over ratio)

  • Fixed income funds
  • Equity funds with a balanced dividend strategy, all cap
  • Equity funds with an all-cap/ small-cap, quality growth approach

Institutional Investor


ISINNameInvestment TypeInvestment CategoryCompany NameBase CurrencyDistribution TypeTotal Return YTDTotal Return 1YTotal Return 3YTotal Return 5Y
LU1061982689Matthews Asia Fds Asia Strat Inc A$ AccOpen-End FundAsia High Yield BondMatthewsUS DollarAcc5,210,894,58-N/A
LU0594555590Matthews Asia Funds Pacific Tiger A GBPOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc3,08-1,7612,7810,67
LU0491815824Matthews Asia Funds Pacific Tiger A USDOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc1,20-7,497,114,48
LU0871673728Matthews Asia Funds Asia Small Co A USDOpen-End FundAsia ex-Japan Small/Mid-Cap EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc6,37-14,535,711,02
LU1061980048Matthews Asia Funds Asia Focus A USD AccOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc8,02-7,786,681,51
LU0594556309Matthews Asia Funds Asia Dividend A GBPOpen-End FundAsia-Pacific inc. Japan EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc1,94-7,8810,549,70
LU0491817952Matthews Asia Funds Asia Dividend A USDOpen-End FundAsia-Pacific inc. Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc0,06-13,284,983,53
LU1311310541Matthews Asia Fds As Ex Jp Div A USD AccOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc5,96-7,2812,05-N/A
LU0594555913Matthews Asia Funds China A GBPOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc12,95-13,3720,9012,80
LU0491816806Matthews Asia Funds China A USDOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc10,76-18,4914,916,53
LU0721876364Matthews Asia Funds China Sm Coms A AccOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc8,53-21,8911,346,12
LU0871673132Matthews Asia Funds China Div A USD AccOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc7,77-9,6912,059,15
LU0594557455Matthews Asia Funds India A GBPOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan Equity - Currency HedgedMatthewsPound SterlingAcc5,800,3113,5914,21
LU0594557299Matthews Asia Funds India A USDOpen-End FundIndia EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc3,80-5,607,937,82
LU1220257304Matthews Asia Funds Japan A USD AccOpen-End FundJapan Flex-Cap EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc8,23-16,313,02-N/A