Matthews Asia is the largest dedicated Asia investment specialist in the United States with US$24.2 billion in assets under management (as of February 29, 2020). Since its founding in 1991, Matthews Asia has concentrated its efforts and expertise on Asia. Matthews Asia applies a high conviction, bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance. Outside the U.S., Matthew Asia offers eleven UCITS funds through a Luxembourg SICAV.


Gegründet (Jahr) 1991
Firmenzentrale In USA
Gesellschafter privat, also employees
CEO William J. Hackett
CIO Yu-Ming Wand (President and Global CIO); Robert J. Horrocks, PhD (also Portfolio Manager)
Standort(e) des Portfoliomanagements USA
Standorte, Niederlassungen in Hong Kong, London, Singapore
Fondsvolumen gesamt US$24.2 billion (as of February 29, 2020)
Fondsmanager Kategorie Investment boutique


Similarities across all strategies:
Fundamental research, bottom-up, benchmark agnostic (high active share), long-term (low turn-over ratio)

  • Fixed income funds
  • Equity funds with a balanced dividend strategy, all cap
  • Equity funds with an all-cap/ small-cap, quality growth approach

Institutional Investor


ISINNameInvestment TypeInvestment CategoryCompany NameBase CurrencyDistribution TypeTotal Return YTDTotal Return 1YTotal Return 3YTotal Return 5Y
LU1061982689Matthews Asia Fds Asia Strat Inc A$ AccOpen-End FundAsia High Yield BondMatthewsUS DollarAcc5,210,894,58-N/A
LU0594555590Matthews Asia Funds Pacific Tiger A GBPOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc3,08-1,7612,7810,67
LU0491815824Matthews Asia Funds Pacific Tiger A USDOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc1,20-7,497,114,48
LU0871673728Matthews Asia Funds Asia Small Co A USDOpen-End FundAsia ex-Japan Small/Mid-Cap EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc6,37-14,535,711,02
LU0594556309Matthews Asia Funds Asia Dividend A GBPOpen-End FundAsia-Pacific inc. Japan EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc1,94-7,8810,549,70
LU0491817952Matthews Asia Funds Asia Dividend A USDOpen-End FundAsia-Pacific inc. Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc0,06-13,284,983,53
LU1311310541Matthews Asia Fds As Ex Jp Div A USD AccOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc5,96-7,2812,05-N/A
LU0594555913Matthews Asia Funds China A GBPOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsPound SterlingAcc12,95-13,3720,9012,80
LU0491816806Matthews Asia Funds China A USDOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc10,76-18,4914,916,53
LU0721876364Matthews Asia Funds China Sm Coms A AccOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc8,53-21,8911,346,12
LU0871673132Matthews Asia Funds China Div A USD AccOpen-End FundChina EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc7,77-9,6912,059,15
LU0594557455Matthews Asia Funds India A GBPOpen-End FundAsia ex Japan Equity - Currency HedgedMatthewsPound SterlingAcc5,800,3113,5914,21
LU0594557299Matthews Asia Funds India A USDOpen-End FundIndia EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc3,80-5,607,937,82
LU1220257304Matthews Asia Funds Japan A USD AccOpen-End FundJapan Flex-Cap EquityMatthewsUS DollarAcc8,23-16,313,02-N/A