With over US $280 billion under management*, Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, providing high-conviction, active fund management across a range of equity, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative strategies. In addition, its complementary range of passive strategies covers more than 20 indices and includes some of Asia’s leading exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

*as of 30 June 2021


Gegründet (Jahr) 1959
Firmenzentrale In Tokyo, Japan
CEO Junichi Sayato
CIO Hiroki Tsujimura
Standort(e) des Portfoliomanagements Tokyo, Japan (Japan Equity and Fixed Income); Singapore (Asia ex-Japan Equity, China Equity, Asian Fixed Income); London, U.K. (Global Fixed Income); Edinburgh, U.K. (Global Equity); New York City, U.S.A. (Disruptive Innovation); Auckland, New Zealand (New Zealand Equity and Fixed Income)
Fondsvolumen gesamt US$282.1 billion (Consolidated assets under management and sub-advisory of Nikko Asset Management and its subsidiaries as of 30 June 2021.)
Fondsmanager Kategorie Full-size offering


Leading Asian Investment Strategies
    • Nikko AM Japan Value Strategy
    • Nikko AM Asia ex-Japan Strategy
    • Nikko AM Asia Credit Strategy
    • Nikko AM RMB Bond Strategy

Institutional Investor


Fund NameISINFund CategoryFund ProviderLegal StructureInception Date
Nikko AM Asia Ex-Japan Fund A USDLU1198259035Asia ex-Japan EquityNikko AMSICAV22/02/2016
Nikko AM Asia Ex-Japan Fund D GBP AccLU1198260710Asia ex-Japan EquityNikko AMSICAV25/11/2020
Nikko AM Japan Value A GBPLU1314308682Japan Large-Cap EquityNikko AMSICAV30/03/2017
Nikko AM Japan Value D GBPLU1314310662Japan Large-Cap EquityNikko AMSICAV06/02/2018
Nikko AM Japan Value Fund A JPYLU1314308336Japan Large-Cap EquityNikko AMSICAV01/02/2016
Nikko AM Japan Value Fund X JPYLU1314309060Japan Large-Cap EquityNikko AMSICAV01/02/2016
Nikko AM Asia Credit Fund A USDLU0851080936Asia BondNikko AMSICAV02/11/2012
Nikko AM RMB Bond Fund A USDLU0722514824China BondNikko AMSICAV01/02/2013