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E-commerce exploding across Asia

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Eastspring Investments‘ Equity teams have identified some common themes across the different Asian markets which seem to be promising investment opportunities for 2021: Fintech, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Technology & Innovation, Education, Renewable Energy, and Electric Vehicles stocks.

“Perhaps the biggest theme we are noticing is the proliferation of Internet usage and the different business applications that come along with the adoption of the Internet, especially Mobile Internet”, says John Tsai, Team Head, Regional Asia Core Equity. “E-commerce is exploding in many markets as traditional retailers are forced to re-examine their old business models.”

E-commerce in the Asia Pacific region is expected to reach 3.9 trillion USD by 2023. China is the global leader in e-commerce innovation, and new business models from China are starting to be replicated in other Asian markets, with some Chinese companies paving the way for innovative consumer engagement.

“We are already finding some attractive stock opportunities related to these emerging themes and expect that we will continue to find more in the different markets across Asia going forward”, says Tsai.

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