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Malaysia economy:

Malaysia’s economy heads back to growth 

The pandemic halted Malaysia's consecutive economic growth in 2020, but foreign trade and government initiatives could fuel a strong recovery in the next two years. 

Chinese companies listed in US rising at a rapid rate

Listings of Chinese companies on US stock exchanges are increasing at a rapid rate due to high valuations and robust growth forecasts for China's economy.
Philippines island Boracay, tourism boost Philippine economy

The Philippine economy’s return to dynamic growth

Can the BPO boom and remittances from overseas Filipino workers accelerate the Philippines’s return to positive GDP growth over the next two years?
Australia econom: Sydney, attractive city

Australia Economy: A short pit stop in its growth race 

After expanding for the last 26 years, the Australian economy contracted last year, led by the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, the IMF expects the country to return to positive growth in 2021 and 2022. 
China's economic recovery speeding up

China’s economic recovery – too good to be true?

China continues to experience economic normalization. What is driving growth and how sustainable is the current momentum?

Coronavirus surge in Asia sparks economic concerns  

Amid the resurgence of Coronavirus cases in Asia, how will the current pace of vaccine rollout and health measures shape the regions' outlook? 

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