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ESG in Asia: “Well established, but still catching up to do”

Asia plays a dominant role in the global economy, but is often seen as lagging behind in ESG factors. But attitudes are changing. We talked to Joep Huntjens, Head of Asian Fixed Income, NN Investment Partners.
Nomura ESG investment interview

ESG investment in Asia is taking off

In Asia, ESG investing appears to grow slower than in other regions. But it is taking off now, says Toshiyuki Imamura, Head of Responsible Investment at Nomura Asset Management.
David Smith, Aberdeen, ESG Investing

ESG Investing in Asia on the Rise

David Smith, Head of Corporate Governance, Aberdeen Standard Investments, about the importance of ESG investing in Asia.
Archibald Ciganer, Portfolio Manager of Japanese Equity Strategy at T. Rowe Price, about the importance of ESG in Japanese investments.

ESG in Japan investments: “Passive strategies are not enough”

ESG criteria have long been one of the top issues in the investment industry. This trend has also taken hold in Japan. Archibald Ciganer from T. Rowe Price in a guest article.
Greenpeace collaborates with NGO's create a giant Plastic Monster to support Jakarta against single use plastic in Jakarta. Greenpeace also urges the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) corporation responsible to their packaging that is using single use plastic.

Tackling Asian plastic pollution: Straw bans, hefty fines

Plastic pollution has created serious concern in Asia. Asian governments are implementing policies to tackle the problem, from outlawing plastic straws to imposing penalties for incorrect waste sorting.

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