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China debt guest commentary by Paul Smillie, Senior Investment Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments

“Time is running out to solve China’s debt bubble”

Investors should not underestimate China's debt problem, says Paul Smillie, Senior Investment Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
China Belt and Road: Pan-Asian Railway project moves forward

China Belt and Road Initiative: Pan-Asia Railway gains momentum

As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, China is investing billions in the Pan-Asia Railway Network, connecting the country with Southeast Asia. A key part of the project in Malaysia is now resuming construction.

Bankruptcy law in India: Supreme Court strikes down “bad asset” resolution

Bankruptcy law in India changes companies approach on default. However, India’s Supreme Court declared a central bank’s circular unconstitutional. Experts see a regression in insolvency law.

Despite trade war: Apple has more Chinese suppliers than ever

Apple has more Chinese suppliers than ever before, showed a recent Apple Supplier List. The number has been tripling since 2012 to 41 in the top 200, surpassing its US counterparts for the first time.
China Belt and Road Initiative: ambitionierte Pläne

China Belt and Road Initiative: Debt-trap in disguise?

China’s ambitious plan to revive the silk road route raises concern in countries involved. Chinese investment, which is estimated between $1bn and $8bn, may create unsustainable debt for lenders.
Philippines Infrastructure

Japan one of the biggest supporter of Philippines infrastructure projects

Japan is heavily investing into Philippines infrastructure projects. By 2025, Manila will have a ‘Tokyo-style’ railway network system Also other projects are supported by the Japanese government.

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