Australia “prepared to pay the economic price”

Australia economy: Sydney, attractive city
The tension in the trade dispute between Australia and China is getting harsher. Australia is aware of the consequences, says the trade minister.

Grab and Gojek commit to ‘carbon zero’

Ride-hailing services in Asia on the rise.
Ride-hailing services Grab and Gojek are pushing forward initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and their environmental footprints.

Countdown to Tokyo Olympics brings cost worries

New national stadium for Japan Olympics in Tokyo 2020
Banning also local fans from most Olympic venues is weighing heavily on costs. Who will pay the bills?

EU infrastructure initiative to counter China’s BRI

Is “A Globally Connected Europe” the next big rival for China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

Asia Pacific – leading the global push for 5G technology

5G in Asia, China ambitious adopter
Asia Pacific businesses are leading the global push toward the adoption of 5G technology amidst the increasing need for wireless internet networks caused by the pandemic.

Asia’s economic outlook turning gloomy?

The economic outlook for Asia dims in the face of a slow pace of vaccination. Is it still a long way back to normalcy?

China’s steady growth makes it attractive investment destination

China's steady growth makes it attractive investment destination
FDI and global investors’ exposure to Chinese assets surges in 2020 and the first half of 2021.

China-Hong Kong build wealth connect to bridge investments

China-Hong Kong build wealth connect to bridge investments
The cross-boundary wealth management program between China and Hong Kong will help in the development of financial markets in the Greater Bay Area.

China’s economic recovery still resilient on export growth

China's economic recovery still resilient on export growth
China's GDP expanded 7.9% amid rising exports, but high costs for raw materials and supply chain constraints curbed momentum.

Japan DX: The rise of digital transformation stocks

Japan digital economy, Japan DX
The rise of DX stocks shows the trend toward digital technology adoption among Japanese firms.

Delta variant forces new lockdowns in Asia-Pacific

The latest Covid surges across Asia-Pacific nations have prompted harsh new restrictions on travel and movement.

Asian countries upgrade cyber capabilities, says IISS Report

A newly-released International Institute for Strategic Studies report indicates that China and other Asian countries are upgrading their cyber capabilities to rival the US.

China and Hong Kong’s clamp down on cryptocurrency industry

Are China’s tighter measures against Bitcoin mining and Hong Kong’s license requirement for crypto exchanges becoming a threat to the cryptocurrency industry's growth in Asia?

Beijing’s blockchain supremacy plan

China's controlled, top-down approach to blockchain has led the country to move deliberately to rewire its economy with this distributed ledger technology.

Asia-Pacific stock indices top global charts during first half of 2021

During the first half of 2021, Asia-Pacific stock indices lead the global equity markets, as economies geared toward rescue efforts and vaccine rollouts.

While CCP celebrates, views of China have grown more negative

While China is celebrating the CCP's centenary, unfavorable views of China reach historic highs in many countries, study finds.

Asia gears up to revive its tourism amid slow vaccine rollout 

Tourism in Asia slowly sails to recovery as countries open their borders. While forecasts for the sector are improving, several nations remain in the trenches.

Thailand IPO market stands out in Southeast Asia

Thailand IPO market gains momentum.
Thailand’s leadership in the Southeast Asia IPO market is set to gain momentum in 2021. What are the reasons behind the country’s positive market enthusiasm?

World Bank warns South Asia risks ‘hidden debt’ financial crises  

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted South Asia’s rising debt levels and sizable hidden liabilities, as per World Bank's latest report.

S&P cuts growth forecasts for Asian emerging markets

Asia Pacific region's recovery is mostly on track, says S&P Global Ratings. However, a slower-than-expected rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in EMs made the agency cut growth forecasts.