China’s Plans for a Digital Yuan

China Plans the Digital Yuan
As Facebook’s Libra stablecoin cryptocurrency looms large on the global financial horizon, China appears to be moving quickly with its own virtual currency development – the digital yuan.

The US can’t isolate China

How will the trade conflict between the US and China affect the financial markets in 2020? Robert Horrocks, CIO of US Asia specialist Matthews Asia, in an interview with

Birth rate plummets in Japan

Japan birth rate: ageing is accelerating
The population decline in Japan is accelerating despite hopes of the Reiwa baby boom. This presents the Japanese economy with significant challenges.

Asia-Pacific is the most competitive region in the world

Global Competitiveness Report 2019 - Singapore leading the list
How are Asian countries performing globally in terms of economy? A look at the 2019 Global Competitiveness Report.

China growth rate – weakest since 1992

China economic growth rate - weakest since 1992
China's economic growth fell to 6.0 percent in the third quarter of this year, its lowest level in 27 years. In the second quarter, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate was at 6.2 percent.

USA-China partial trade agreement: Deal really in sight?

USA-China partial trade agreement
U.S. President Trump speaks of a "substantial phase one deal”, while China is more cautious about the announced partial trade agreement.

Asia unicorns: A list to watch

Asia unicorn start-ups account for over one-third of unicorns in the world.
The digital boom is making Asia Pacific a leading region in the start-up scene. By the end of September 2019, Asia-Pacific counted 140 start-ups with a valuation of at least $1 billion – out of 403 worldwide.

Malaysia fast-tracks investments to win trade-war business

Malaysia fast-tracks investments to win trade-war business
Malaysia has set up a panel to encourage investment in Southeast Asia's third-biggest economy. In the first meeting it approved investments worth $526 million.

China anniversary: Seven decades of Communist China

Beijing, China, flower beds celebrating the China anniversary
China celebrates its anniversary with flowers, speeches and a huge military parade. A review of 70 years of communist China and its development.

A model city: The future of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
China unveiled plans to transform Shenzhen into a model city by 2035. The ambitious plans seek to make the city economically competitive world-wide.

5G: Asia again leading the world, China most ambitious adopter

5G in Asia, China ambitious adopter
Northeast Asia is taking the lead in the 5G network race. South Korea already rolled out a 5G network commercially, China and Japan are to follow.

Aircraft manufacturers in Asia: A promising outlook

Boeing: leading aircraft manufacturer
Asia-Pacific is driving demand for new aircraft. Not only global players Boeing and Airbus profit, but Asian manufacturers are rising to compete.

Slow-down in fintech venture capital in China

Venture capital China: recovery on the horizon, Hong Kong making major strides
Fintech investment in Asia Pacific got off to a modest start in 2019 after a record level of investment last year. A lack of megadeals in China accounted for the majority of the decline.

Asian Aviation Industry: Flying Higher than its Obstacles

Asian Aviation: Terminal NAIA 3 Manila Airport
Asia Pacific is the biggest driver for the aviation industry. By 2035, IATA expects the region to have 3.1 billion passengers traveling by plane to, from, and within the region.

China robotics industry: A steady path to automation

"Made in China 2025" - ambitious plans for China robotics
Under ambitious ‘Made in China 2025’ plan, the Chinese government targets to raise domestic production of industrial robots to 70% by 2025. Last year, the country invested $10.1 billion towards this goal.

Mobile payments: Asia leading the world

Mobile payment in Asia on the rise: Street food paid with smartphone (Source: B.Zhou/
Mobile payment is on the rise worldwide with Asia leading the way. Eight Asian nations are among the top ten in mobile payment usage – six of these are in Southeast Asia.

Trade dispute: USA accuses China of currency manipulation

USA accuses China of currency manipulation
The USA has accused China of having deliberately manipulated its currency in order to secure unfair advantages in international competition. The dollar costs more than seven yuan for the first time since 2008.

Japan-South Korea trade dispute escalating: The background

Japan and South Korea: trade dispute
Japan and South Korea argue about trade. While South Korea sees a historical conflict as the cause, Japan says the move is for reasons of national security.

Tackling Asian plastic pollution: Straw bans, hefty fines

Greenpeace collaborates with NGO's create a giant Plastic Monster to support Jakarta against single use plastic in Jakarta. Greenpeace also urges the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) corporation responsible to their packaging that is using single use plastic.
Plastic pollution has created serious concern in Asia. Asian governments are implementing policies to tackle the problem, from outlawing plastic straws to imposing penalties for incorrect waste sorting.

Japanese economy: current challenges and opportunities

Shibuya in Tokyo - symbol of Japanese economic dynamism
The Japanese economy is facing a number of challenges. We talked to Mitsuhiro Yuasa, fund manager at E.I. Sturdza, about promising industries in Japan and the outlook for the Japanese economy.