Covid-19 pandemic driving Asia’s e-commerce business

Asian e-commerce companies like resilient amid crisis
For online retailing goliaths like Alibaba and, enforced lockdowns have been a boon to their e-commerce businesses.

Greenhouse farming – the future for Asia?

Greenhouse farming - the future for Asia?
As Asian countries grapple with the fear of the pandemic that caused lockdowns, panic buying, and food supply disruptions, long-established measures like greenhouse farming are increasingly in focus to safeguard food supply.

Yoshihide Suga wants to “enhance Abenomics”

Yoshihide Suga announcing new imperial era Reiwa
Yoshihide Suga takes over in difficult times for Japan. Critics argue that he lacks a vision for Japan and foreign policy experience.

Supply chain cooperation to reduce dependency on China

Australia, India, and Japan forming new supply chain cooperation
Australia, India and Japan are working closely together to build stronger supply chains to counter China’s dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index opens to “new economy” stocks

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index opens to "new economy" stocks
Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index includes Alibaba and Xiaomi, making the revamp a milestone as it underlines the market growing focus on Chinese technology stocks.

What does the future hold for “Abenomics” after Abe?

Will Abenomics continue after Abe?
After Shinzo Abe's resignation the battle for the succession of Japan's prime ministers has begun. Biggest challenge for his successor: fine-tune the economic reform agenda - against the background of unfavourable demographic developments.

How can Singapore find its way out of recession?

How can Singapore find its way out of recession?
Singapore has fallen into the worst recession since its foundation. David Mok, Head of Investment and Research at IPP Financial Advisers about the key challenges ahead.

Post-corona economy speed-up led by industrial robots?

Industrial robots leading the way - what about commercial robots? (Source. helloabc/
Worldwide industrial robots are on the rise helping automation processes in factories. But also service robots for everyday life are getting a push in covid-19 times, especially in Asia.

Market liberalisation will drive growth for China’s mutual funds

Shanghai Yu Garden pedestrian street, China
China is now the fifth-largest mutual fund market worldwide, and one of the fastest-growing. An evaluation by Alastair Sewell, Head of Fund and Asset Manager Group for EMEA and APAC, Fitch Ratings.

Seven & i Holdings makes “historic step” by acquiring Speedway

7-Eleven’s parent company Seven & i Holdings acquires Speedway
While equity investors grew more positive on the Speedway acquisition by Seven & i Holdings, the debt market is showing concern.

Is Huawei losing its dominance in 5G technology?

Is Huawei Losing Its Dominance in 5G Technology?
Huawei is losing more and more 5G related bids around the world. Is the US campaign against the Chinese tech giant beginning to take hold?

ASEAN economies fighting impact of Covid-19

Are ASEAN economies sinking into recession?
Most of the ASEAN member states have introduced stimulus packages and are mobilising both monetary and fiscal measures to avoid economic catastrophe. But how quickly can these measures stabilize the economy?

ASEAN benefits from trade war as China’s new top trade partner

ASEAN - new top China trade partner
With the sino-american trade war intensifying, ASEAN became China's top trade partner. For China the improving trade ties should counteract the effects of the tightened US restrictions.

China property market: drivers, challenges and opportunities

China property market - Changchun, capital of Jilin Province
China’s property market can be an attractive one for long-term investors, but the question is how to get access. In this article we look at smart strategies for overseas investors to get exposure to long-term trends and current opportunities.

Challenges ahead after Singapore election

What is next for Singapore after election?
Singapore's People's Action Party won again, but with a weaker-than-expected result. With the coronavirus burdening the economy, a lot needs to be done now.

China’s planned cryptocurrency – too much power for central bank?

China cryptocurrency
A new China cryptocurrency could revolutionize how the communist government runs the economy. However, the central bank and the government will also gain more control.

China Star Market – strong despite coronavirus crisis

China STAR Market – roaring despite coronavirus
China’s new tech-centric Star Market has raised more money in recent months than the country’s other more dominant bourses.

Are China companies fleeing from the American stock exchanges?

China firms returning to Hong Kong Stock Exchange_leungchopan
New regulation in the United States coupled with greater deregulation of the Hong Kong exchange is persuading more Chinese firms to re-list on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.

Update: Hong Kong security law

Hong Kong security law - end of the financial center
China's National People's Congress has given its green light to the new Hong Kong Security Law. Criticism rains down internationally.

Hong Kong security law – the end for the financial center?

Hong Kong security law - end of the financial center
As Beijing plans to impose a tough security law over autonomous Hong Kong, concerns are rising that this could spark the fall of a financial center and the rise of superpower rivalry.