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Hong Kong new election law

New Hong Kong election law threatening democracy

After the enactment of the controversial Hong Kong security law last year, new electoral reforms threaten Hong Kong's liberal system further.
Are ASEAN economies sinking into recession?

ASEAN economies fighting impact of Covid-19

Most of the ASEAN member states have introduced stimulus packages and are mobilising both monetary and fiscal measures to avoid economic catastrophe. But how quickly can these measures stabilize the economy?
China firms returning to Hong Kong Stock Exchange_leungchopan Shutterstock.com

Are China companies fleeing from the American stock exchanges?

New regulation in the United States coupled with greater deregulation of the Hong Kong exchange is persuading more Chinese firms to re-list on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.
Hong Kong security law - end of the financial center

Update: Hong Kong security law

China's National People's Congress has given its green light to the new Hong Kong Security Law. Criticism rains down internationally.
Hong Kong security law - end of the financial center

Hong Kong security law – the end for the financial center?

As Beijing plans to impose a tough security law over autonomous Hong Kong, concerns are rising that this could spark the fall of a financial center and the rise of superpower rivalry.
Asia coronavirus: Reactions differ from country to country

Asia coronavirus responses by hook or by crook

From online databases of suspected infections to drive-thru testing, Asian authorities have pioneered innovative ways of containing the COVID-19 outbreak. But regional responses vary greatly.

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