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Asia unicorn start-ups account for over one-third of unicorns in the world.

Asia unicorns: A list to watch

The digital boom is making Asia Pacific a leading region in the start-up scene. By the end of September 2019, Asia-Pacific counted 140 start-ups with a valuation of at least $1 billion – out of 403 worldwide.
Asian Aviation: Terminal NAIA 3 Manila Airport

Asian Aviation Industry: Flying Higher than its Obstacles

Asia Pacific is the biggest driver for the aviation industry. By 2035, IATA expects the region to have 3.1 billion passengers traveling by plane to, from, and within the region.
Asien Pazifik Fonds von HSBC

HSBC Asia Pacific Fund: more stable growth with dividends

Investing in Asia with a dividend strategy. For HSBC's Asia Pacific Fund, an international team successfully searches for undervalued equities.
Frontier markets: Sri Lanka is much more developed than India by most economic metrics.

“Frontier markets present untapped potential”

Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Robert Harvey discusses his current views on investing in frontier markets and the "untapped potential" investors should consider.
Air pollution in India is a big problem (Source: Saurav022/Shutterstock.com)

India air pollution: ban of gasoline-powered motorcycles to ease problem

India is pushing forward plans to ease the country's serious air pollution. New plans aim at reducing vehicular pollution by banning the sales of non-electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers up to 150 cc engine capacity.
Indian economy: What investors should know. Taj Mahal in Agra, symbol of India.

Indian Economy: what to know before investing

On average, the Indian economy has grown 6-7% annually since economic liberalisation in 1991. Last year, India attracted $38 billion of foreign direct investment inflows, surpassing China.

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