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Baki Irmak about the fight FAANG against BAT.

FAANG vs. BAT: the battle of the technology giants

Chinese technology giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT) are benefiting above all from their home market. An interview with Baki Irmak, fund manager of The Digital Leaders Fund, about their impact worldwide.
5G in Asia, China ambitious adopter

5G: Asia again leading the world, China most ambitious adopter

Northeast Asia is taking the lead in the 5G network race. South Korea already rolled out a 5G network commercially, China and Japan are to follow.
Malaysia economy: capital Kuala Lumpur

An Overview of Malaysia’s Economy

Malaysia’s economy is the third largest in Southeast Asia with $347 billion of GDP and a 4.6% growth rate. One of the top recipients of FDI in Asia, FDI inflows in Malaysia reached over $8 billion in 2018.
Boeing: leading aircraft manufacturer

Aircraft manufacturers in Asia: A promising outlook

Asia-Pacific is driving demand for new aircraft. Not only global players Boeing and Airbus profit, but Asian manufacturers are rising to compete.
Venture capital China: recovery on the horizon, Hong Kong making major strides

Slow-down in fintech venture capital in China

Fintech investment in Asia Pacific got off to a modest start in 2019 after a record level of investment last year. A lack of megadeals in China accounted for the majority of the decline.
Asian Aviation: Terminal NAIA 3 Manila Airport

Asian Aviation Industry: Flying Higher than its Obstacles

Asia Pacific is the biggest driver for the aviation industry. By 2035, IATA expects the region to have 3.1 billion passengers traveling by plane to, from, and within the region.

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