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New national stadium for Japan Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Countdown to Tokyo Olympics brings cost worries

Banning also local fans from most Olympic venues is weighing heavily on costs. Who will pay the bills?
Japan digital economy, Japan DX

Japan DX: The rise of digital transformation stocks

The rise of DX stocks shows the trend toward digital technology adoption among Japanese firms.

New impetus for corporate governance reforms in Japan?

The long battle between the Japanese company’s management and foreign shareholders poses challenges to Japan's initiatives in improving governance standards.

Japan taps Taiwan’s TSMC to upgrade its semiconductor industry

Will a partnership with TSMC be enough for Japan to revive its domestic semiconductor industry and weather the risks of supply shortage?
US and Japan to consider BRI alternative

US and Japan to consider BRI alternative

The US and Japan plan to set a framework for collaboration on 5G, next-generation battery technology and hydrogen power in quest to counterweight China's BRI initiative.
Appier IPO, TSE

Appier IPO underlines Tokyo’s standing as technology exchange

Which stock exchange will prevail in technology listings in Asia? Appier's IPO is likely to attract more tech start-ups to Japan.