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Boeing: leading aircraft manufacturer

Aircraft manufacturers in Asia: A promising outlook

Asia-Pacific is driving demand for new aircraft. Not only global players Boeing and Airbus profit, but Asian manufacturers are rising to compete.
Plastic waste recycling: Western trash flooding Asia

Plastic waste recycling: Western trash flooding Asia

In order to maintain their ambitious plans for plastic recycling, many rich countries export their plastic waste abroad. Most of the plastic waste ends up in developing countries in Asia.
Ride-hailing services in Asia on the rise.

“Decacorns” battle: Dominance of Asia’s ride-hailing services

From “unicorns” to “decacorns” - the Asian ride-hailing start-ups Didi, Grab, and Gojek, battle to dominate a regional market estimated to grow to approx. $90 billion by 2023.
China Belt and Road: Pan-Asian Railway project moves forward

China Belt and Road Initiative: Pan-Asia Railway gains momentum

As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, China is investing billions in the Pan-Asia Railway Network, connecting the country with Southeast Asia. A key part of the project in Malaysia is now resuming construction.

China Belt and Road Initiative: Debt-trap in disguise?

China’s ambitious plan to revive the silk road route raises concern in countries involved. Chinese investment, which is estimated between $1bn and $8bn, may create unsustainable debt for lenders.
Goldman Sachs involved in Malaysian 1MDB affair.

1MDB scandal could cost Goldman Sachs billions of dollars

The image of the second largest investment bank in the world threatens to suffer lasting damage. Goldman Sachs is associated with a billion financial scandal involving the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

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