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Trade conflict between the US and China: Escalating through more pressure

Trade conflict between the U.S. and China: Escalating through more pressure

The trade conflict between the U.S. and China is escalating. More pressure is being put on China with the US blacklisting Huawei – the first American companies have already withdrawn support for the tech giant.
Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank. Governors’ Plenary, Fiji

“China must graduate from Asian Development Bank loans”

China was the fourth-largest recipient of loans from ADB last year. However, as a rising lender the country faces rising criticism of other members.
Apple suppliers: Printed circuit boards production in Jiangxi, China

Despite trade war: Apple has more Chinese suppliers than ever

Apple has more Chinese suppliers than ever before, showed a recent Apple Supplier List. The number has been tripling since 2012 to 41 in the top 200, surpassing its US counterparts for the first time.
China-A-Shares and chinese consumption

China A shares and the rise of the Chinese consumer

China A shares plunged massively in 2018. Don Amstad of Aberdeen Standard Investments on Chinese consumers and financial quality.

Aberdeen Co-Chief Executive Martin Gilbert: “China – a long-term growth story”

With news about trade war, sentiment in China is negative. But we should remeber that China is a long-term growth story, says Martin Gilbert, Co-Chief Executive Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Japan defence spending: Rise to tackle threats

Japan defence spending has been swelling for seven consecutive years. Besides answering its neighbours’ increased military activities, Japan aims to tackle tariff-impose threat from the US.

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