A lowdown on Sri Lanka for bond investors

A lowdown on Sri Lanka for bond investors

In this guest commentary, Carlos de Sousa, Emerging Markets Strategist at Vontobel, explains the background of the Sri Lankan default.

“Beauties in the Backyard” – Asian smaller companies

Claus Born, Institutional Portfolio Manager at Franklin Templeton, explains the case for Asian Small Caps and which countries and sectors have the most potential.
Japan: a cheap developed market

Japan stock market: a cheap developed market

We spoke to Ivailo Dikov, Portfolio Manager at Eastspring Investments, about the potential for value-driven opportunities in Japan.

“China rarely misses its growth targets”

Kelly Chung, Senior Fund Manager Multi-Asset at Value Partners, discusses how achievable China's economic plans are for this year.

Where is China headed?

Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist at Matthews Asia, on trends and developments China investors should watch out for this year.

Will inflation slow down Asian consumption?

The war in Europe is driving commodity prices, consumer prices and inflation globally. We asked Joohee An, Mirae Asset Global Investors, how this will affect Asian consumer behaviour.
China's hydrogen ambitions paving way to a greener future

China’s hydrogen ambitions paving the way to a greener future

Pascal Menges, Head of Equity Investment Process and Research at Lombard Odier Investment Managers, discusses the hydrogen boom in China.

What is behind the Indian Equities upswing?

Shibani Kurian, Head of Equity Research at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management, about the sectors in India that investors should have on their watchlist in 2022.
A shares China

What is driving China A shares in 2022?

Ning Meng, China A-Share Strategy Leader at Neuberger Berman, assesses the economic development in China and the investment opportunities that are opening up.

The impact of China’s climate goals

What is the impact of China's ambitious climate goals on the investment landscape? We asked Kathlyn Collins, Head of ESG at Matthews Asia.
Investing in Asia: Key themes for 2022

Investing in Asia: Key themes for 2022

According to June Chua at Lombard Odier IM, China's digital marketing sector, E-commerce boom in ASEAN economies, as well as the growth of metaverse are among the top themes that offer good monetization opportunities in 2022 for investors.

What challenges are Emerging Asia markets facing in 2022?

What can investors expect from China and Emerging Asia markets in 2022? Kiran Nandra, Head of EM Equities Management, Pictet Asset Management, is sharing her insights.
Manulife_Asia Macro Economic outlook

Where to find compelling investment opportunities in Asia in 2022?

Sue Trinh, Head of Macro Strategy, Asia, at Manulife Investment Management, argues why it might be time to drop the cautious approach to Asian investments.

The right time to invest in Vietnam?

Quynh Le Yen, Portfolio Manager at Dragon Capital, about the state of the Vietnamese economy and current investment opportunities.

Investing in disruptive tech in Asia

We talked with Mark Hawtin, GAM Investments, about technology trends in Asia and China investors should watch.
How is the outlook for Indian Equities 2022?

India’s equity market resilient despite Covid headwinds

With fundamental support from the nation's economic growth, India's equity market has remained among the top performers this year.
Japan Innovation potential; interview John Vail, Nikko AM

Japan’s underestimated innovation potential

Japan has a huge innovation potential, not only in robotics and AI, says John Vail, Nikko AM's Chief Global Strategist.
Asian Corporate Bonds outlook

Where to find investment gems in Asian corporate bonds?

According to Christina Bastin, Muzinich, Asian corporate bonds certainly offer potential, particular in other large markets like India and Indonesia.
Real estate development in Shanghai, China

Defaults China real estate: Why won’t the government step in?

According to Alejandro Arevalo, Head of Emerging Market Debt at Jupiter Asset Management, the Chinese government is not yet doing enough to stop the rot in the real estate sector. But why?

China – sustained economic growth?

How is the flood of regulations affecting China's economic growth? We spoke to Lilian Co, Portfolio Manager of Eric Sturdza Investments' Strategic China Panda Fund.

How China’s “Common prosperity” is impacting investments

First regulatory moves under China's "Common prosperity" plan have rattled the markets. Should investors shun China now? We spoke to Norman Villamin, CIO Wealth Management at UBP.

China mitigates inflation risk

The ups and downs of the global economy have basically been driven by China and fluctuations in credit growth, says Francis Scotland, Director of Global Macro Research, Brandywine.

Evergrande – has the market overreacted?

Edmund Goh, Head of China Fixed Income at abrdn, about the implications of the Evergrande case and the prospects for China bonds.

Why it’s the time for Asian growth stocks

Growth stocks are and will be abundant in Asia, says Phil S. Lee, Head of AP Research, Mirae Asset Global Investments.
Where is Japan on its path to sustainability?

Sustainable investing in Japan

Where is Japan on its path to sustainability? We talked to Masahiko Komatsu, Active Ownership Group Manager at Nikko Asset Management.
NB China Bond: Return to normalcy

China’s Bond Market: Risks and opportunities amid Evergrande crisis

Rob Drijkoningen from Neuberger Berman discusses the recent trends and investment opportunities in China’s bond market, while the Evergrande’s debt crisis rattles the market.

Has Covid-19 changed the perspective for Asian growth?

Which economies and industries in Asia have the potential to surprise markets in 2022? Avo Ora, Head of Emerging Market Equities at Pictet Asset Management, is sharing his insights.
Evergrande crisis

Evergrande crisis – a “Lehman moment”?

We asked Rahul Chadha, CIO Asia Pacific, Mirae Asset Global Investments, if the dominating headlines about Evergrande developing into a full-blown Lehman event will come to fruition.
Asian High Yield bonds; Axa, James Veneau

Why Asian high yield bonds are worth a closer look

James Veneau, Head of Asian Fixed Income at AXA Investment Managers, on the attractive opportunities offered by the Asian high yield universe.

Opportunities in China A-Share amid changing regulatory landscape

New reforms by the Chinese government have influenced the movements in the China A-share market, says Michelle Qi, from Eastspring Investments.