Asia Consumption - interview Miraevideo

Asia Consumption Growth − Untapped Potential

Asia consumption growth is an important long-term investment opportunity, says Joohee An, Senior Portfolio Manager, Mirae Asset Global Investments.
Gerwin Bell, PGIM, interview China debt problem 2020video

China debt problem: rising levels likely

The economic upswing in China has revived patterns, such as rising foreign trade surpluses and rising domestic debt. We talked to Gerwin Bell from PGIM about the Chinese strategy and the effect on China's fixed income market.
Emerging Asia interview with Federated Hermes, Kunjal Gala

How will the US election impact Emerging Asia?

What does the election of Joe Biden as US President mean for Emerging Asia and Asian stock markets? An interview with Kunjal Gala, Lead Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets, at Federated Hermes.
Interview Mitsuhiro Yuasa, investing in Japanese Stocksvideo

Japan’s new digital agenda and the impact on Japanese equities

Mitsuhiro Yuasa, Portfolio Manager, Eric Sturdza Investments, about Japan's new digital agenda and the impact on Japanese stocks.
China Digital Yuan interviewvideo

China’s plan for the digital Yuan

While Western countries are still taking their time to introduce digital currencies, four major cities in China are already testing the digital.
Nomura ESG investment interviewvideo

ESG investment in Asia is taking off

In Asia, ESG investing appears to grow slower than in other regions. But it is taking off now, says Toshiyuki Imamura, Head of Responsible Investment at Nomura Asset Management.
AFM_Value Investing Asian Equities_Fidelity_Gary_Monaghanvideo

Active stock picking in Asia

Fidelity International's Asian equity specialist, Gary Monaghan, on current investment opportunities in Asia and promising stocks.
Interview, Peter Monson, Nikko AM, Asian stocksvideo

Looking for change in Asia

What are the latest developments in the Asian financial markets? How are Asian stocks performing? We spoke to Peter Monson, Senior Portfolio Manager at Nikko Asset Management.
Asian equities interview, Flavia Cheong, Aberdeen

How are Asian equities responding to the current crisis?

Asia Pacific equities have done surprisingly well since Q1. However, with again rising Covid-19 infections, the fragile economic recovery could stall. An interview with Flavia Cheong, Head of Equities Asia Pacific, Aberdeen Standard Investments.
David Smith, Aberdeen, ESG Investingvideo

ESG Investing in Asia on the Rise

David Smith, Head of Corporate Governance, Aberdeen Standard Investments, about the importance of ESG investing in Asia.
China economy 2020 - interview Robert Horrocksvideo

China Economy 2020: Better prepared for macroeconomic changes

Robert Horrocks, Chief Investment Officer, Matthews Asia, sharing his insights on the recovery of China, the dominance of Chinese technology stocks and the conflict between the US and China.
Shanghai/China, Covid-19 precautions, May 2020: Passengers in subway (Source: Robert Way/

First in, first out of Covid-19 – how has China fared?

What are the main opportunities in China stocks? What are the implications resulting from Covid-19 for Asian strategies? A guest commentary by May Ling Wee, Janus Henderson Investors.
Japanese stocks: valuation as a starting pointvideo

Japanese stocks: valuation as a starting point

Corporate Japan was pretty well placed coming into the coronavirus crisis and japanese stocks remain attractive, says Sam Bentley, Client Portfolio Manager, Eastspring Investments.
David Choa_BNPP AM_Chinese tech Stocksvideo

Chinese tech stocks – more than Alibaba

Why do Chinese tech stocks like Alibaba and Tencent dominate the portfolios of many Asian strategies? And what other companies are attractive right now? We asked David Choa, Head of Greater China Equities, BNP Paribas Asset Management.
AFM-Interview_Fullerton, Robert St. Clair_ASEAN economiesvideo

ASEAN economies will recover strongly

ASEAN countries during Covid-19 - who manages well through the crisis? Where are the effects most severe? We talked to Robert St. Clair, strategist at Fullerton Fund Management.
China's digital change will be reflected upon the rest of the world. (Source: Freer/

Digital change accelerates China’s growth

China’s move towards an increasingly digital existence will be reflected upon the rest of the world, says Jian Shi Cortesi, Portfolio Manager, GAM Investments.
Vipul Mehta, Nomura Asset Management, Indian Stocksvideo

Finding value in Indian stocks

Vipul Mehta, Head of Investment APxJ, Nomura Asset Management, about the outlook for India's economy, the Indian stock market and where investors can find value in these uncertain times.
Interview Asian Consumption, Joohee Anvideo

How to Invest in the Megatrend Asian Consumption?

Consumers in Asia are a key growth driver for the region and will help shape the future of global consumption, creating attractive investment opportunities, says Joohee An, Mirae Asset Global Investments.
Interview Daisuke Nomoto Japanese Stocksvideo

Japanese Stocks: low valuations, high net cash

The recovery of Japanese stocks after the slump in March was a little quicker than expected, says Daisuke Nomoto, Head of Japanese Equities, Columbia Threadneedle.
interview_GSAM_Luke Barrs_China A sharesvideo

China A-Shares: earnings growth in 2021?

The outlook for profits in China is positive, says Luke Barrs, Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Estimates of earnings growth for China A-shares this year are at 9 percent.
AFM_interview_ Patrick Ru_Neuberger Berman_China equityvideo

China stocks: higher valuations for quality shares

Given the global uncertainty in growth, and China’s own uncertainty, what structural investment opportunities are still available in China? We talked with Patrick Ru, Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman.
interview_Tricia Wong_Asian high yield at attractive levelsvideo

Asian high yield at attractive levels

In unpredictable times, Asian high yield offers investors a promising investment opportunity. We spoke with Tricia Wong, Client Portfolio Manager Asia Fixed Income at Eastspring Investments.
AFM_interview_Michelle Lopez_Australian Stocksvideo

Australia stocks: looking for growth drivers

We spoke to Michelle Lopez, Head of Australian Equities, Aberdeen Standard Investments, about the Australian economy and the current developments in Australian stocks.

Asian Dividend: Cuts more moderate than earnings fall

Yu Zhang, Portfolio Manager, Matthews Asia, about the influence the coronavirus pandemic has on the Asian dividend landscape and the changes in earnings and dividend payments.
AFM_Interview_Wenchang Ma_China Stocksvideo

China stocks: Internet companies with accelerated growth

The world looks to China and the Chinese economy. How far is China on the way back to normality? We asked Wenchang Ma, China Equity Portfolio Manager, Ninety One.
AFM_John Vail_Nikkoam_China economyvideo

China economy: Recovery will take time

Interview with John Vail, Chief Global Strategist, Nikko Asset Management about the impact the coronavirus has on China as well as the tensions with the US.

India investing: “Be patient and long-term”

What is the current situation on the Indian stock market? Which stocks and sectors will emerge from the crisis first? We asked Kristy Fong, Investment Director, at Aberdeen Standard Investments.
Asian Fixed Incomevideo

The new normal in Asian fixed income

What influence does the coronavirus crisis have on the Asian fixed income market? We talked to the experts of Neuberger Berman's Emerging Markets Debt team.
new Huawei restrictions - cold technology war

Huawei restrictions: “Cold War of Technology”

The new US-restrictions are very targeted and specific to Huawei. The disruption is potentially much more meaningful to China’s 5G deployment, say the experts from Janus Henderson.

Coronavirus and the Impact on Asian Fixed Income Market

Teresa Kong, Head of Fixed Income at Matthews Asia, about the latest market developments in Asian fixed income since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.